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Booking Terms & Conditions

Reservations are accepted by Estuary Cottages (EC) on behalf of Owners only on the conditions shown in the Booking Form together with the following Booking Conditions (The Booking Conditions)

1. Estuary Cottages EC acts entirely as Booking Agents for all the Owners of the properties offered and contracts accepted by EC shall be between the Person signing the Booking Form (The Guest) and the Owner of the property for whom the booking is made (The Owner) whose name is shown on EC's official form of Acceptance (Acceptance Letter).  The Owner and Estuary Cottages reserves the right to enter the property at any reasonable time provided reasonable notice is given.
a. The Guest certifies that he/she is authorised to sign the Booking Form on behalf of all persons who will occupy the property during the period for which he/she has booked and that they are all, apart from minors, aware of the Booking Conditions. The Licence from the Owner shall permit you7, and the members of your party, as named on the booking form only to occupy the property. The brochure description of each property clearly indicates the maximum number of guests who may occupy it and the surrounding grounds. Exceeding this number constitutes a breach of contract and the Owner of the property has a right to terminate the booking forthwith and all monies paid by the Guest will be forfeit.
b. No booking will be accepted by EC unless the Booking Form has been filled in and signed by the Guest and accepted by EC on behalf of the Owner on its Acceptance letter. All contracts will be deemed to have been made in Cornwall and are in accordance with and subject to English Law.
c. All properties in this brochure are hired on the understanding that the accommodation is for holiday use only and that no right to remain in the accommodation exists for the Guest or anyone in the Guests party.

2. CANCELLATION Estuary Cottages are unable to provide Cancellation Insurance and it is not included in the rental. Therefore we strongly recommend that Holiday Cancellation Insurance is taken out independently as deposits are non-refundable and the balance remains payable on the due date.
If however, the cancelled week is re-let by Estuary Cottages, all monies paid, less the booking fee and a £50 cancellation fee will be refunded.

3. BOOKING ALTERATIONS After a booking has been confirmed, any request from the Guest for changes in the Contract will be subject to the agreement of the Owner. If such an arrangement is agreed between the owner and the guest, a fee of £25 will be made by Estuary Cottages to the guest to cover the additional administration. The Guest will also be liable for any additional rent higher than the original week booked and no refunds will be made for weeks booked at a lower rent. A request by the Guest to transfer a booking to an alternative property will be treated as a cancellation of the original booking.
a. If for reasons beyond their control EC have to cancel or alter arrangements made for the Guest they will make every effort to offer an alternative property if one is available. If the Guest does not accept the alternative offered the Owner will refund all monies paid by the Guest, where upon EC and the Owner's liability will cease.

3(a) PRICES are per week during the period defined.  Every step is taken to make sure that the advertised price is accurate.  However, in the event that a price displayed elsewhere is not the same as the price on this website, the price displayed on this website will prevail.

4. FINAL PAYMENT Final payment set out in the Booking Form, is due four weeks before a holiday commences and this is shown as the due date on the Acceptance Letter. No further reminders will be sent. Non-payment by the due date will be treated as a cancellation. The Guests initial payment will be forfeit and he/she remains liable for the full amount of the final balance. EC will then seek to re-let the property without further reference to the Guest. In the event of a re-let a credit will be given for the amount of rental achieved on the re-letting, less any reasonable administrative or professional costs incurred in connection with such letting.
a. If a booking is made less than 4 weeks before the commencement of the holiday the full rent is due at the time of booking.

5. VAT All Booking Fees, Rental Charges and all other fees and charges quoted on the Site include VAT, where applicable.  Any increase in VAT will be borne by the Applicant.

6. PETS Unless specifically stated in the brochure, no pets are permitted in any of the properties. Where pets are allowed in certain properties, these are indicated in the brochure. They are accepted subject to the Guest accepting liability for any damage the pet may cause and on the condition that the pet will not be left, unattended in the property at any time. Any guest who takes a pet into the property without prior permission or without notifying EC in writing or on the Booking Form is in breach of Contract and the Owner of the property has the right to terminate the booking forthwith and to retain all monies paid by the Guest.
a. Pet owners are expected to bring suitable bedding for their animals.
b. Pets are not allowed on any furniture and must not be allowed in any bedrooms.
c. Guests who are permitted to bring their pet must be responsible for cleaning up any outside areas of the property their pet has used before their departure.

d.Registered Assistance Dogs are allowed in all properties in our brochure or that appear on our website, even where the property description states that pets are not allowed, but subject to the general conditions referred to above (6).  Guests must advise us of the intended presence of any Assistance Dogs prior to Booking. If you have an allergy to dogs, please be aware that we and the Owners cannot guarantee that an Assistance Dog has not stayed in a particular property recently.





7. OCCUPANCY Access to properties is from 3.00pm on the day of the agreed arrival. Departure must be no later than 10.00am as shown on EC's Acceptance Letter. These times must be strictly adhered to except by special arrangement in writing with either the Owner or EC.

8. SECURITY DEPOSIT A Security deposit may be required at the discretion  of the Owner or Estuary Cottages, in particular single sex groups or younger parties. If there is any cause to withhold this deposit either in full or part Estuary Cottages will retain £25 to cover administration costs.

a. Care must be taken of the property and must be left by the Guest in a clean and tidy state. Furniture must be returned to the place in which it was found on arrival.
b. The Guest is required to report to the Caretaker or Estuary Cottages any breakage or damage that occurs during their stay and an appropriate charge may be made for repair or replacement. If any item is found to be broken or damaged after a guests departure or equally if it is found that the property has been left in an unsatisfactory state, an appropriate charge will be made and invoiced to the Guest.
c. Guests must leave the premises on the day of departure by 10.00am, this being the end of their Contract with the Owner. In the event that Guests are late vacating the property or refuse to vacate at this time a charge may be made, in writing, by way of an invoice, to reimburse the Caretaker for time wasted.
d. Guests will properly supervise at all times, any infants or minors who will occupy the property with the Guest or be invited into the property by the Guest or any other adult in Guests party.

10. COMPLAINTS Despite the care and precautions taken, it is possible that the Guest could have grounds for complaint about a property he/she has chosen. Any complaint must be taken up immediately in full with the Caretaker or Owner. The function of EC is to provide a service letting holiday properties. EC is not a party to the contract between the Owner and the Guest and EC performs its functions entirely as a Booking Agent.
However, if the Guest, having contacted the Owner or his/her representative, is still not satisfied, the Guest should contact EC either in person or by telephone, prior to the Guests departure, to ask them to take such reasonable steps as they are able to, in an endeavour to put the matter right.
a. It is specifically agreed that failure by the guest to notify the Owner, Caretaker or EC of any complaint before their departure will prejudice their claim irrespective of its merits. It is agreed that failure to give prompt notice of a complaint in accordance with this clause may be taken into account by a court in determining liability or assessing compensation.

11. EXTERNAL FACTORS EC and the Owners cannot be held to account or be responsible for any holiday fairs, fetes, events or festivals occurring during the letting season. EC and the Owners cannot be held to account or be responsible for any noise or building works in the vicinity or on neighbouring properties.
EC and the Owners cannot be held to account or be responsible for the activity of any wild life that may live in the vicinity.

12. AMENITIES Whilst representations both verbal and visual contained in the brochure, website and any other advertising matter are made in good faith and carefully scrutinized and agreed with the Owners, neither such verbal or visual representation contained in such publications, nor any verbal representations made by any employee of EC form part of the Contract.
No warranty or representation is given as to the state of any property. Any representations of a similar kind made in previous brochures issued by EC are superseded by this brochure.
a. The use of amenities provided by the Owners must be used safely and responsibly by the Guests and are used entirely at his/hers own risk. No responsibility can be accepted by the Owner or EC for any injuries to persons or loss or damage to any belongings or persons who use them save as provided in paragraph 13.

13. EC do not accept liability for any act, neglect or default on the part of the Owners or any other person not within their employ or otherwise under their control, nor for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, whether to person or property, which the Guests or any other person may suffer or incur arising out of, or in any way connected with the letting. In addition, the Owner accepts no liability for loss or damage to the Guests possessions on the Owners property or land.

14. No Owner of any property, nor any member of staff or servant of EC has the right to modify EC Booking Form or Booking conditions or to make any representation or undertake any liability on behalf of EC.

If a booking at any property has been accepted at a reduced rate for a smaller party, this is agreed strictly on the understanding that it will be occupied only by those persons whose names appear on your booking form. If you wish to accommodate further guests during your stay this must be agreed with Estuary Cottages first. If approval of further guests is agreed, it will be subject to payment of a further fee and to providing Estuary Cottages with names of the additional occupants together with any further information that Estuary Cottages deems necessary.

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